Sweet Flavours


Our sweet flavors have been created to be enjoyed with both sweet and savory treats…on your toast at breakfast, on crepes, tartes, as toppings for cheesecake but also to accompany cheese and charcuterie boards.

Fig with  Walnut

The blessed fruit kissed by the Mediterranean sun in a gorgeous combination with walnuts to offer an incredibly flavoursome spread, dip, condiment that you can enjoy with meats, veggies, pizza, cold cuts and bbqs. With cheeses it is simply superb!

It will add such a rich, bursting taste to your breakfast, spread on your toast, bagel, dip your pretzel in it or add it to your porridge.


Raisins & Cinnamon

We don’t call it a jam, we don’t call it a spread; in fact we don’t call it anything, you decide!

Made with sun kissed raisins, the much loved spice of Greek cuisine, cinnamon and a splash of balsamic vinegar.

Chicken adores it, cheeses love it and cold cuts melt when served together with it!

Marm..elia Sweet Olive

Elia in Greek means olive. We have created a unique jam made with black olives with a hint of green olives. Perfectly balanced, the acidity of the olive is apparent as well as the sweetness of the sugar, giving a unique flavour experience.

Fabulous with cheese, exquisite with meats, cold cuts. Spread on pizza and sandwiches for an amazing taste!