Spreads – Dips

Flaming Red Pepper       

 We always look out for those who enjoy a spicy kick! We wanted to offer them a spread to use and enjoy with almost everything. We use sweet red peppers as a base but then fire up the flavour to create an eye popping but delicious experience. Don’t blame us…you have been warned….!



Spinach & Feta Cheese   

Greek Spinach Pie in a Jar!!! If you have been to Greece, you must have tried the spinach pie, a luscious pie with spinach & feta cheese.

A combination loved by all. In this spread, the spinach blends most perfectly with the cured cheese. Enjoy as a dip, a condiment, with mashed potato or baked potato. Also great with pasta or on pizza!

Peas & Mint

The peas combine with incredibly beautiful mint with gives a fresh aftertaste making this culinary experience a sheer joy. So incredibly versatile, you can enjoy it as a spread, as sauce – even with pasta, as a dip. As a condiment it is superb with fish, seafood, meats, and vegetables.

Aubergine & Peppers

Aubergines and peppers, two scrumptious Mediterranean ingredients that are blended together to create this spread that will tantalize your taste buds! Try it with pasta, pizza, on bruschetta, in sandwiches. You can even give your burger a Mediterranean flare by adding this spread to it. Serve with your cheese platter or add to your mash!