All our sauces are ready for enjoyment with just a twist of the lid and extremely versatile. Already cooked, you can eat them straight out of the jar or you can heat them to enjoy with meals. Enjoy with pizza, pasta, lasagne, as dips, as condiments, with bean dishes, on bruschetta, in omelettes, with veggies, fish, meats, add some yogurt and enjoy them as dressings for your salads…. the possibilities are endless….

Τomato & Feta Cheese

When we say Feta Cheese… we mean it! Made with 18% Feta Cheese!!!

The ultimate Greek sensation of a sauce since Feta is the “national” cheese! Feta cheese has been documented as a cheese made from the years of the Byzantine era, created by Greeks and made by Greeks only, it has become a favourite the world over. This sauce has a rich taste anda beautiful creamy texture that you will enjoy with shrimp, pizza, pasta, lasagna, as a dip, a condiment….


Τomato & Olives

Prepared with 18% Olives!!!

The blessed fruit of the olive tree in all its glory. In this sauce the olives show their adoration for the sun kissed tomatoes creating a truly Greek culinary experience. Enjoy as a pizza topping, as a pasta sauce, as a dip, as a condiment, superb.


Tomato & Garlic

Prepared with 15% garlic!!!

The garlic offers its spicy bite to the sweetness of the tomato and together they create a harmonious combination. With absolute balance of the two flavours, this sauce can be enjoyed with pasta, pizza, as a condiment, with bean dishes, on bruschetta, as a dip and in many more ways…


Tomato & Thyme

Made with 17% Thyme!!!

Real authentic rich fruity flavour with a good sense of seasoning and a pleasant thyme edge. The thyme came through with a wonderful freshness and clean tomato fruitiness balanced this great product. That basically sums it all up! Be it a sauce, a dip, a condiment or whatever else… it is guaranteed to entice!


Tomato & Sweet Red Wine (Mavrodafni) 

Made with a whopping 21% sweet red wine, Mavrodafni, a traditional Greek sweet red wine, that gives the sauce an intensely enticing sweetness creating a heavenly Great Taste. Ready for enjoyment with just a twist of the lid… try it with beef, red & white meats, poultry; as a dressing, a dip, a condiment, on bruschetta, pizza… or with w spoon!